A Winning Team

It’s March and beautiful Spring weather is here in Mid-Missouri!  And, naturally, our thoughts go to …. “What team are we going to pick to win the NCAA Tournament?”  Brackets are being filled out in homes and office places across the country with everyone trying to use their own best strategy to predict the winning team.

In lawn care, it is also important to be on a winning team.  The Lawn Company has 21 years of knowledge and experience in serving Mid-Missouri.  Our personalized attention given to each customer’s lawn is the foundation of our company.  And, of course, you score BIG with our natural approach which is safe and environmentally-friendly.

The homeowner is also a part of the team.  You see your lawn on a regular, daily basis and can share changes in appearance with us.  You are also responsible for its routine care.  This is especially key in weed-management.

Your Role as Part of the Team:

  • Mow high!  Longer blades = deeper roots. This is the Most Important lawn care practice to consistently follow.
  • Overseed to fill in bare spots where weeds tend to invade.
  • Don’t bag clippings which add beneficial nitrogen.
  • Have your soil tested every few years.
  • Share information with us about your lawn’s use and appearance.

Please remember that we are always available to answer any question or concern you have about your lawn.  You can reach us anytime at  (573) 442-5296 (except during the Final game of the NCAA Tournament).

Happy Spring from The Lawn Company!!


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