Baby It’s Humid Outside

“It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity.”  Humidity and dew point readings play a key role in your comfort during the summer months.  They also significantly impact your lawn’s health and appearance.

Humidity and dew point are two terms used on a regular basis by meteorologists during their weather forecasts.  They each refer to different things regarding the level of moisture in the air.  Humidity measures how close to saturation the air is with water vapor.  So, if it’s 97% relative humidity, the air only needs 3% more water vapor to achieve complete saturation of 100%.  Many believe that 100% saturation results in rain but 100% saturation is actually fog.

The dew point – the temperature at which dew forms – is actually a better indicator of how “sticky” it feels outside. When the air can no longer hold moisture, it changes from invisible gas to liquid droplets called dew.  This is a visible clue of the uncomfortable weather conditions.

How does this impact your lawn?



The additional moisture and high temperatures can result in lawn disease.  In order to help your lawn have less risk of disease, be certain to follow these simple maintenance practices:

Do not overwater.

Use sharp mower blades.

Mow your lawn tall at a height of approximately 4 inches.




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