Baby It’s Humid Outside

“It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity.”  Humidity and dew point readings play a key role in your comfort during the summer months.  They also significantly impact your lawn’s health and appearance. Humidity and dew point are two terms used on a regular basis by meteorologists during their weather forecasts.  They each refer to different … Read More »

“Bee” Pollinator-Friendly

The information below is an excerpt from a recent article published in the Columbia Daily Tribune.  The article stresses the important role of pollinators and the need to take action to guarantee their survival, including the reduction of pesticide use.  The Lawn Company “Better Lawns Naturally” provides pesticide-free lawn care services, which are environmentally-friendly and … Read More »

Watershed-Friendly Lawn Care

It’s summer and you have decided to hire a professional company to treat or help maintain your lawn.  What a great choice!  You will improve the health and appearance of your lawn while freeing your schedule of a needed responsibility. How do you find the right lawn care company to meet your needs?   According to representatives from Rock Bridge … Read More »

Research at MU Supports the Importance of Proper Mowing Practices

The following excerpts are from a recent University of Missouri publication, “Raise the Deck to Make Your Turf the Trees of Your Lawn.” Over 10 separate studies since 1958 have found a direct correlation between mowing heights below 3.5 inches for tall fescue or Kentucky bluegrass lawns and a substantial increase of weeds such as … Read More »

Weeds and Taxes

It’s impossible to avoid two annual occurrences which take place each year during mid-April.  The deadline for filing a tax return is quickly approaching.  And, weeds are starting to “pop up” in Mid-Missouri lawns. Dandelions are noticeable this time of year.  We recommend pulling them in your lawn, if possible. There is also an environmentally-friendly spray called Fiesta which is … Read More »

A Winning Team

It’s March and beautiful Spring weather is here in Mid-Missouri!  And, naturally, our thoughts go to …. “What team are we going to pick to win the NCAA Tournament?”  Brackets are being filled out in homes and office places across the country with everyone trying to use their own best strategy to predict the winning team. … Read More »

A Volunteer to Know

The Lawn Company has amazing customers! We would like to share information about one of our customers, Val DeBrunce, who was recently recognized by the City of Columbia as the February Volunteer of the Month. “Val DeBrunce has volunteered as a Recycling Ambassador for over a year and was a charter volunteer for the program. … Read More »

Sharing “The Green Gardener’s Guide”

We were fortunate to meet and discuss natural lawn care with Joe Lampe when he visited Columbia last fall.  “Joe the Gardener” of PBS notoriety was a featured speaker at the KMOS Create Expo.  The Lawn Company participated in this informative public event which was targeted for area residents interested in improving their home and … Read More »


“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.” This quote expresses how The Lawn Company feels as our current business year is coming to a close.  2016 will be our 21st year providing an environmentally-friendly approach to lawn care.  We are extremely grateful to be a small business serving mid-Missouri … Read More »

And They All Fall Down

It’s fall in Mid-Missouri and the leaves are starting to come down. Please remember these helpful lawn care tips this season: Mow more frequently once leaves begin falling.  The mulched leaf matter is a beneficial addition to your soil. Clear your lawn of piles of leaves and debris which can smother the grass once winter … Read More »