Core Aeration and Overseeding — Fall’s Winning Combination

This summer’s weather conditions — record-breaking precipitation in the early months followed by high humidity and little rainfall recently — have had a damaging impact on many area lawns. Core Aeration & Overseeding is the most beneficial combination of services available in lawn care.  The Lawn Company will also be applying a FREE Organic Bio-Stimulant … Read More »

Our Products are Safe — On or Off Your Lawn

Excessive watering and heavy rainfall increase the chance of water run-off.  This occurs when water can not be absorbed into the soil and flows over into adjacent streets and sidewalks.  This water eventually enters the storm sewers and then into the closest stream or river.  This water does not pass through the water treatment filtration system. … Read More »

Helping Your Lawn in Rain or Shine

Some summers are wetter than others and during a particularly rainy season, you may have concerns with the appearance of your lawn due to the extreme weather conditions. Here is a listing of recommendations from The Lawn Company for lawns impacted by high levels of rain and moisture in 2015: Too much rain can lead … Read More »

Safety First

The Lawn Company often shares important information about proper mowing practices.  You should mow using sharp blades at the mower’s highest setting while leaving grass clippings on the lawn,  However, the most important thing about mowing is to BE SAFE. Here are some tips regarding safe mowing practices: Remove rocks, sticks, or other objects before mowing. Wear … Read More »

Recycling From Your Lawns

Recycled grass clippings return nutrients back to the soil.  It is a good environmental practice.  And, an easy one to follow. The best way to manage grass clippings is to leave them after mowing.  The grass clippings will decompose and improve your lawn.  Grass clippings contain nearly 85% water and decompose quickly.  During the breakdown process, the … Read More »

Brown is Not Our Favorite Color

There have been reports published recently from a variety of sources, including MU Extension and the St. Louis Botanical Gardens, regarding a problem impacting area lawns this summer.  Brown patch lawn disease is more common now than in recent years.  This is primarily due to the extended weather conditions we have been experiencing with heat, humidity, … Read More »

Mow Better by Mowing Tall

Mowing is the single most important practice for a healthy lawn.  And, the most important tip to remember is to MOW TALL. Optimal cutting height for cool-season grasses is 3.5 to 4 inches.  Simply have your mower at its highest setting to get the desired tallness. Why do turf grass specialists believe in the importance … Read More »

Environmental Stewardship — It’s Personal

The Lawn Company recently received the honor of being selected by the City of Columbia for a Mayor’s Climate Protection Agreement (MCPA) award.  This was the inaugural year of this program and we were recognized for Environmental Stewardship. We are proud to be distinguished as a business helping to make our community a better place … Read More »

Bee-Friendly with The Lawn Company

  The Lawn Company recognizes the importance of pollinators.  Besides their natural beauty, the hard-working bees and butterflies play a key role in food production.  With Better Lawns Naturally, our company’s Bee-Friendly practices provide a pesticide-free, safe habitat.  Here are some tips from the USDA to make your lawn and garden a haven for native pollinators: … Read More »

Making This the Best Year Ever

This is The Lawn Company’s 20th Anniversary serving Mid-Missouri!  2015 is a very exciting time for us.  Here are some of our Goals for this year: Remember the importance of each “small” step in providing outstanding service and communication with our customers. Improve Columbia’s neighborhoods by reaching more of our customers’ neighbors and friends regarding our … Read More »