Core Aeration and Overseeding — Fall’s Winning Combination

This summer’s weather conditions — record-breaking precipitation in the early months followed by high humidity and little rainfall recently — have had a damaging impact on many area lawns.

Core Aeration & Overseeding is the most beneficial combination of services available in lawn care.  The Lawn Company will also be applying a FREE Organic Bio-Stimulant on our customers’ lawns as an extra benefit at this same time.

Core Aeration & Overseeding is highly recommended for lawns that have thin, damaged turf and a considerable amount of weeds.

Core Aeration

  • Breaks up thatch and compacted soil
  • Allows for air and water to better reach the root zone
  • Opens up the soil promoting root depth and seed germination


  • Done in conjunction with Core Aeration in fall
  • Beneficial to lawns that have issues with weeds and thin turf
  • Establishes turf grass in areas that currently have bare soil or summer weeds

These lawn care services are provided between mid-September and October, depending on weather conditions. Please email us at or call us at (573) 442-5296 for additional information and pricing.

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