The Lawn Company Services

The Lawn Company is a professional lawn care company established in 1995.  We guarantee quality results without the use of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. We focus on providingBetter Lawns Naturally to improve our neighborhoods and public spaces.

With 22 Years of Experience specializing exclusively in lawn care, we are pleased to offer the following services to our Mid-Missouri customers.

The foundation of our service includes five properly timed fertilizer applications from Early Spring through Late Fall. Each of our fertilizer applications is designed to improve the soil to produce a healthy, green lawn that are less dependent on pesticides. Most importantly every application is safe to the touch and their is no wait time before you can enjoy your lawn.

You can Stay ON the lawn

Corn Gluten is a safe, all-natural, pre-emergent weed control that helps to feed the plant, soil, and reduce weed seed germination.  It is an alternative to chemical herbicides and has been proven to suppress crabgrass and broad-leaf weeds. It is also an excellent source of nitrogen and plant protein which really “greens up” grass. Corn Gluten is recommended for lawns, flowerbeds and gardens.

Seeding is the most important service for having a great lawn. Seeding helps to thicken your turf and introduce more disease and drought resistant varieties of grass. It is usually best to overseed in the late summer or early fall, but we can arrange spring seeding for special circumstances. A thick lawn, mowed tall is your best natural weed control.

By having your soil tested by an independent certified soil laboratory, we can precisely determine which nutrients should be amended to your soil. Properly balanced soil promotes healthier plants and reduces the amount of unwanted weeds. A detailed proposal with recommendations for your lawn will be provided with the soil test results.

Soils that have high clay content really benefit from this application. Using plant enzymes and microbes, Liquid Aeration loosens soil structure by destroying the chemical bonds that hold soil molecules so tightly together. It also helps to release nutrients that are tied up in the soil and acts as a detoxifier by removing toxins and salts that are by-products of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers.

Calcium is a super mineral that has a direct relationship with plant health. Unfortunately it is commonly lacking in neighborhood soil. Calcium helps lawns have less weeds especially dandelions. Dandelions by design are miners of calcium, their long tap root pulls calcium up from our limestone base and give it to other plants to use. A tell tale sign of low calcium are fields or lawns full of dandelions.

This is an all-natural plant growth stimulant and soil activator application. A “gourmet meal for your soil” containing highly beneficial micro-organisms, kelp extracts, trace minerals, and twenty-one different amino acids. All soils need a higher percentage of organic matter to grow healthier plants.

Bio-Aeration is our premium high-biology soil supplement derived from homogenously mixing and granulating high-end biology-driven composts, organic carbon sources, polysaccharides, hydroxycarboxylic acids, and soluble humate extract. There is no other product on the market that can compare in its ability to transform soil life in a relatively short period of time.

Applied twice in the spring, Natural Plant Oils are an effective natural control of grubs that feed on your grass roots. Plant oils like Cedar helps to break the insect cycle by killing the eggs in the soil too.

We offer foliar applied all-natural fertilizer for your smaller trees, shrubs and other landscape plants. Applied in the late spring and fall, this beneficial service improves plant health, increases root development and helps ward off insects and disease.

We are just a phone call away to answer any of your lawn and landscape questions. We will make recommendations tailored to your lawn care needs and provide quality service based on our years of experience. We enjoy helping our customers and take pride in the work we do.

Please feel free to call us at 442-LAWN (5296) or use our contact form to get in touch with us and request a Free Estimate and Consultation.