Sharing “The Green Gardener’s Guide”

We were fortunate to meet and discuss natural lawn care with Joe Lampe when he visited Columbia last fall.  “Joe the Gardener” of PBS notoriety was a featured speaker at the KMOS Create Expo.  The Lawn Company participated in this informative public event which was targeted for area residents interested in improving their home and garden.

Joe travels the country sharing his beliefs in the importance of being a Green Gardener.  Naturally, we agree and follow these same practices with our environmentally-friendly lawn care services.

Here are some excerpts from “The Green Gardener’s Guide” which are discussed in greater detail throughout his book:

Use Corn Gluten as a natural pre-emergence weed control.  Corn Gluten is the only organic control that gets the spotlight for preventing weeds from even getting started. Corn Gluten’s discovery as an effective, natural, pre-emergence weed control was, in fact, by accident.  In 1991, it was patented as a natural pre-emergence herbicide.  An added benefit is that Corn Gluten has a 10% nitrogen content by weight, making it an excellent natural fertilizer for established plants with a mature root system.

Use other easy ways to eliminate weeds, without the use of chemicals.  Hand-pulling is natural and effective but so is mowing higher, or letting the grass grow tall.  Taller grass has the opportunity to shade out developing and sun-loving weeds before they have a chance to establish. When it is time to mow, remove no more than a third of the total height of your grass.

Use natural and organic sources of nutrients.  Getting to the root of the problem will do more for long-term success than throwing chemicals at it.  Feed the soil and let the soil take care of the plant.

Get a soil test before you add fertilizers and other amendments.  You’ll never know the true makeup of your lawn until you have your soil levels analyzed for the all important primary nutrients as well as the secondary nutrients.

Water at the right time of day.  The time of day that you water can have a significant effect on the water’s efficiency.  Use less water by not watering too often.

Mulch or compost your leaves.  Don’t send them to the landfill.

Educate your neighbors.  Have a great yard, and be willing to share with all who will listen how you achieved it.  (And you will receive a $50 Customer Referral Credit from The Lawn Company too!)

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