Spring Tips From The Pros You Know

Winter stress, animal damage, excess leaves, and lawn traffic can create bare patches in your lawn. Help repair these areas by spot seeding with these five easy steps:

1.) Mow or rake excess leaves from your lawn as they can smother the turf
2.) Identify thin areas that may now be visible
3.) Make sure you have quality fescue grass seed. Spread a light, consistent cover of grass seed. You can over-seed, so use discretion.
4.) Spread a light layer, 1/8 to 1/4 inch of compost if available. This helps to shelter seed, provide a moisture insulator, and increase organic matter.
5.) Only if consistent dry weather persists will watering be considered. The beauty of dormant seeding is that it works in Natures timeline of soil warming and our traditionally moist Springs.

A thick lawn, mowed tall, is the best way to have a healthy lawn that chokes out weeds.

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