Watershed-Friendly Lawn Care

It’s summer and you have decided to hire a professional company to treat or help maintain your lawn.  What a great choice!  You will improve the health and appearance of your lawn while freeing your schedule of a needed responsibility.

How do you find the right lawn care company to meet your needs?   According to representatives from Rock Bridge Memorial State Park, who believe in the importance of being “watershed-friendly”, you should ask the following questions when choosing a lawn care service:

  • Does the company offer a variety of pest management approaches?  Do they apply pesticides on a set schedule (unnecessary, costly and bad for your environment) or only when really needed?
  • Does the company do soil testing before applying nutrients?
  • Does the company use certified applicators?
  • Does the company have a solid reputation and track record?
  • Is the company willing to help you understand your lawn’s problems and solutions?

Guess what? The answer for The Lawn Company for each of the above questions is YES.  Please consider The Lawn Company for your lawn care needs this year.

If you have any additional questions for The Lawn Company about the services we provide and our approach to “Better Lawns Naturally”, simply contact us at your convenience.



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