Weeds and Taxes

It’s impossible to avoid two annual occurrences which take place each year during mid-April.  The deadline for filing a tax return is quickly approaching.  And, weeds are starting to “pop up” in Mid-Missouri lawns.

Dandelions are noticeable this time of year.  We recommend pulling them in your lawn, if possible. There is also an environmentally-friendly spray called Fiesta which is effective against dandelions.  This product can be purchased at Songbird Station, located at the intersection of Chapel Hill and Forum Boulevard in Columbia.   Fortunately, dandelions will stop blooming soon.

Let’s discuss crabgrass.  This weed can outgrow and outcompete lawn grasses. Before you reach for the chemical spray, try these safe and natural ways to remove the weed.

Reduce Seed Production Pull out as many plants as possible early in the season, before they seed.

Don’t Redistribute Seeds Bag any crabgrass plants or clippings, and immediately discard them.  Don’t compost or use as mulch.

Suppress Germination A thick, healthy lawn is the best defense against crabgrass. When the ground is densely shaded, the seeds aren’t able to germinate.

Here are a few important steps:

  • Set your mower at its highest setting.
  • When watering, do it deeply but infrequently. This will allow the surface of the soil to dry out, killing the shallow-rooted crabgrass.
  • Seed bare or thin spots.
  • You can spread Corn Gluten in the spring.   Corn Gluten inhibits the germination of seeds and breaks down rapidly, leaving nitrogen to feed established grass.



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