Why Natural Lawn Care

The Lawn Company provides Better Lawns Naturally with our years of experience and research regarding organic products and practices.

With a growing interest in the importance of organic lawn care, we would like to not only share “Why?” your lawn will benefit from this type of program but to also answer the additional questions shown below.

Organic lawn care stresses the use of proven integrated-management practices. It means you’ll rely more on calcium, soil health, natural fertilizers, and other stream safe products instead of synthetic products and pesticides to correct a problem.

Synthetic chemicals can kill everything in the soil indiscriminately, including the necessary beneficial insects desired for maintaining healthy soil. They unfortunately don’t know when to stop killing. An organic based program offered by The Lawn Company feeds the soil and, in turn, the soil feeds the plant. A healthy soil base will make your lawn more resistant to disease, harmful insects and weeds.

The soil is the foundation for a healthy lawn. Natural lawn care promotes the life and health of your soil. The soil is a biologically active resource. It provides nutrients, water and oxygen to your lawn.

This is what we feel a natural lawn care program should be:
An easily-maintained program that is a good combination of both cultural practices with natural from the Earth products.

The Lawn Company’s natural approach includes these important lawn care practices:

  • Applying organic fertilizers and nutrients to enrich and nourish the soil
  • Education about proper lawn care maintenance practices, including mowing and watering
  • Soil testing and analysis to understand the soil’s needs
  • Adding essential minerals to balance the soil’s chemistry
  • Liquid aeration and Coreless Bio-Aeration to improve the soil structure and reduce compaction
  • Using Corn Gluten as a pre-emergent weed control
  • Overseeding, weed control, and an on-going review of the lawn’s condition and appearance

More and more homeowners are thinking about maintaining their lawns the proven natural way. There is an increasing demand for organics and the use of environmentally-friendly lawn care practices. Turf managers want a safer approach when maintaining sports turf, parks, and recreation grounds. Business owners, schools and other public users of land are aware of the increased importance for “Green” products to be used on their property. We’ve been committed to Organic Lawn Care since 1995.

Our environmentally-friendly lawn care practices will benefit each home or business, neighborhood, and the entire community, including our area lakes and streams.